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Tuesday - Friday: 10am to 7pm 

(Alyssa) Saturday: 9am to 4pm

COVID-19 Update

EEEEK! Are you as excited as I am!? I will be opening Tuesday 5/12 and I just wanted to give you a quick update about rescheduling and what to expect for your salon visit. First off, I'm worried about our girl Alyssa. She has not been feeling well and was tested for COVID yesterday. We will have those results back in a few days and hoping she just has a little cold. All your thoughts, prayers, and good vibes for her are so appreciated. With that being said, we are only allowed one client per hairstylist in the studio at any given time. I cannot double book without her. After spending four hours rebooking just one week worth of clients yesterday, it became apparent that the smartest thing to do is wait for her results so I know how many guests I can actually see. The last thing I want to do is double book my next few weeks and then disappoint you by rescheduling again. I appreciate your patience and you will hear more from me Monday. If you do not hear from me by Monday, that means your appointment is still a few weeks out and you will hear from me next weekend.

If you have an appointment on the books in the next few weeks I will be reaching out asking you to push that back a couple of weeks unless you have already missed one or more appointments. If this does not apply to you I may still reach out to adjust that appointment time to be as efficient as possible. 

Here are a few guidelines ordered by the state.

  • No other guests are permitted at your appointment. Please leave the kiddos at home.

  • You must wait in the car until I  text you come in.

  • Extra time between appointments is needed to sanitize properly, your patience is appreciated. 

  • If you have been on an airplane in the last 10 days we ask that you please reschedule.

  • If you or anyone in your household is ill, please reschedule. All rescheduling fees due to illness will be waived. 

  • Please have a mask that goes around your ears and does not tie behind your head. 

  • You maybe asked for a temperature check before entering.

I  will be doing my best to keep this a safe environment and filter out any sick guests. However, please remember my studio will always be a place where dozens of people a week are coming in and spending hours in this environment. No matter the protocol, I truly believe salon spaces are more risky than any retail store and you are coming at your own risk just like I am choosing to work at my own risk. I cannot wait to get my hands in your hair! Again, thank you for your patience. I  cant wait to see you.


Pretty Girl Studio: 7324 Gaston Ave Suite 301, Dallas, TX 752148

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