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Four years ago I found myself highly successful behind the chair. Busy, booked out for months, and making more money than I ever thought I could. I mean, business was booming baby! At the same time I also felt resentful, burnt out, and lost. My passion for people was dying a slow death and my creativity wasn’t far behind. It was a new low I never saw coming. Why was I feeling this way? This is what I wanted, right? It got me thinking about what success really means. I realized everything I thought about being successful were ideas seen and heard from the previous generation of stylists. Being booked out for weeks, people pleasing, and doing every service imaginable wasn’t cute anymore. I had been living in a constant fog while hair culture around me had slowly been changing. Turns out, choosing the services you offer and working the schedule you want is no longer reserved for the celebrity stylist or the hair influencer. I knew I needed to level up with education. This is where my real journey began.


Class after class I began to get clear. Clear on formulating, and clear on my career and what I wanted it to look like. The fog was finally lifting and I didn't have to feel exhausted and drained anymore. I was able to create those Pinterest worthy hues and get creative. The confidence I gained in hair color started to spill over into other areas of my business. I implemented booking systems, set boundaries, and even raised my prices. Social media became a tool that worked for me instead of a platform that overwhelmed me, and everything changed.


I work 30 hours a week behind the chair, only offer the color services I love, and have almost doubled my income. You read that right, doubled. Here's my theory, if you work the hours that fit your lifestyle, do the services that set your soul on fire, and make the income you desire, you will be able to sustain your career for years to come. If you're thinking there is more out there for your career, I'm here to tell you there is. If you're thinking that you could never do this in your own business I'm here to tell you I felt the same way.


For me, it all started with hair color. It's time to invest, level up, and quit playing it safe. You deserve so much more and I'm here to a tell you to take it.

                              - your hype man, Jordan.

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